Unfortunately, living in Norway means I don’t have the kind of access to the cable news networks that you have in the States. Sure, we get CNN international and the BBC. And my satellite company recently added FoxNews, although the 6 hour time difference from east coast USA makes for difficulty in viewing the nightly display of propaganda. And hardly anyone get’s CNBC (although more people than get MSNBC, which I am pretty sure is not carried anywhere in Norway).

It’s too bad, too. I really miss watching the trainwreck that Dennis Miller’s career is becoming. I used to really like that guy. Saw him live once, in the late 80’s. I even bought his first book of rants. But based on the commentary I saw on Hannity and Milquetoast and from what I have read and seen on the net, he has really lost it. And this isn’t a knee-jerk political assessment. He just isn’t funny anymore. Limbaugh is funnier, and that is me climbing way out on my political limb, bacause I hate that guy.

Anyway, that all leads me to what South Knox Bubba had to say after watching Miller’s “interview” of Eric Alterman. And see it for yourself here. It seems pretty obvious that not only has Dennis lost his funny bone, he is way out of his depth in political commentary and debate.

Too bad, he used to be good.


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