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I totally missed something in that post I had from yesterday.  Something so big that I can’t believe I missed it.  There is more on the differences between the preparations done for the hurricanes last year in Florida and that done for Katrina here.  The thing I failed to mention, or even think of, was that last year, when each of the four hurricanes to strike Florida were meticulously prepared for, was an election year.  And Florida was a swing state. 

I’ll reiterate that I believe that the governor and mayor have a lot to answer for.  Mistakes were definitely made, by everyone involved.  The question I think you guys over in the States (I’m an American living in Norway if you are reading me for the first time) need to ask yourselves is: How comfortable am I with thought of the governments’ reactions (thats all government, local, state and federal) to a major inicident and what happens if it is a major terrorist attack with no warning?

More of a personal nature to come soon.  I’m starting to get that writing bug again.


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  1. Oh, you know, I hadn’t even thought of that! You are so right.And, no, I don’t feel comfortable with the way things went down. In fact, I feel a little ticked off!

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