I’ve decided to chronicle the times where I run across people being self-centered jerks. I went off on this a few weeks (months?) ago, where I talked about how people around here park. Well I had another one today.

I was taking the kids to the daycare and to get there I have to drive up this hill that has maybe a dozen cars parked along the right side of the road, making it a one lane road and forcing you to pull over to the side to let a car pass if you encounter one coming at you. Usually, no problem. Today, as I turned onto the road, I saw, way at the top, a car standing still but with his lights on and looking like he was going to drive down the hill. So I started up and then he started to move and by the time I got to the end of the parked cars, where the road is now wide enough for two cars he had blocked the road. He moved even further forward and tried to pull off to the side far enough for me to squeeze between him and the last parked car. Of course there was not enough room. So he starts honking and waving his arms, I guess to let me know that he is insane. So, instead of backing up one car length so that I can get past him, he forces me to go in reverse all the way back past at least a dozen cars to the beginning of the street. It was totally ridiculous and yet another example of people who think only of themselves, because, hey I was in his way and damned if he was going to reverse for any reason.

In other news, I just took a shower with my wife, something we hardly ever get the opportunity to do anymore, but something we used to do all the time.

It is friggin cold here. Well, cold by Bergen standards. It was 16F (about -6.5C)degrees this morning when I woke up. The car was an iceball and our house, being the seive that it is, is leaking cold air from basically everywhere. Being this cold means there is no rain or snow, which I guess makes up for it.

I have to go get the kids soon and then I am making Italian sausage grinders tonight for me and my wife.

I think the last year, when I haven’t written much, cleared my head or something because I am enjoying writing in here lately (well, the last few days anyway). We’ll see how long that lasts.


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