It’s almost difficult to believe that this thing is still here. Time to reactivate.

I have a personal diary that I have kept on a diary site under an anonymous name and have met some people and stuff from there. But I don’t necessarily want that to be the public face of myself, since that is really the place where I share some more personal things, without linking to the public me.

I also want to have a place to post some political stuff and music stuff, much in the same vein as someone who I have seen for years online on political blogs and who I read and comment on. That would be cleek, whose blog I really like and would try to emulate or whatnot, with my own thing of course.

So this will be a place where I want to talk about politics, music and being an ex-pat in Norway or living in the States, or just living. Or basically, this will be about me and what I think, which I am sure will develop a large international following of perhaps a couple of people.

And to kick it off, here is possibly my favorite single song of all time.


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