Bang Your Head

Ok, I said I would start doing a string of entries about my musical past.  So here is episode one: the metal years.  Like most boys growing up in the US in the 70’s, KISS was the ultimate in cool.  Cool painted faces, leather scary costumes, blood, breathing fire…what’s not to love when you are an eight year old boy?

I really don’t like KISS much at all at this point.

At one point, I must have been 11 maybe, I went with a friend and his father on a road trip to see Judas Priest.  One of the first concerts I ever went to (the first ever was Journey with a young unknown Bryan Adams opening…with my mom.  I was so cool!).  I remember a fight breaking out right in front of my and I got smacked in the mouth by the back of some greasy dude’s head, which made my braces to impale the inside of my lips.  When, years later, I heard that the singer, Rob Halford came out as gay I looked back and can’t figure out how I didn’t see that coming, with all the leather and motorcycles and what not.  Not that there is anything wrong with that!  Rock on, Rob!

I actually still kind of like that song.  15 years ago I would never dare to admit that but eh, whatever.

For my final parade down embarrassing metal lane: Quiet Riot!  Oh my, I remember playing this in my room over and over and holding an air guitar concert for, well, nobody.  I am pretty sure I thought this was the greatest song ever recorded.  God, I was stupid.  Anyway, enjoy!


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