Bang Your Head II: Electric Boogaloo

I think it was 7th grade maybe. I actually had a Def Leppard logo pin that I wore every day. I really, really liked them apparently. But I also liked Celebration by Kool & The Gang so my taste was pretty suspect. Anyway, I still kind of like this song, for nostalgic reasons mostly.

Heh, the drummer still has two arms!

I think this next one was the last real metal thing I liked before someone slapped me upside the head with a copy of a Dead Kennedys album. And again, nostalgically kind of tapping my foot to this one. Plus, Milton Berle in the video! Milton Berle!

On second thought, not really a good song. Milton Berle!

Ok, bad stuff so far. This song, however, is awesome. I will forever like this song because it is a damn fine song, from a band who really doesn’t fit in with the crap above. This “metal” song is so cool that it always makes the list when KROQ, Los Angeles’ alternative station, does a flashback countdown. I give you: AC/DC with Back in Black.

Next, a big dose of punk.


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