Google Chrome

I’ve tried, seriously I have.  Every time new versions of Chrome come out, or at least when I read a new blog post or news article about the greatness that is Google Chrome, I try to use it instead of Firefox.  And every single time there is something that keeps me from switching, quite often something different than the time before.

Just this week I tried out Google Chrome Canary version, which I guess is the bleeding edge brand new stuff.  And flash didn’t work on certain things, but that is fine, this is after all a true beta and stuff isn’t going to work properly.  But the other nagging thing this time is something that occurs in the stable releases as well, and that is having to click several times to make links work, particularly in Facebook.

I search on the net and it is a known issue.  Some people say that you need to clear your cache and cookies.  And that works…for about a half hour and then it is back to clicking on a link, seeing the little spinny thing that says it is doing something and then nothing until you click the link again.  Someone else even said it was a Facebook issue, that Facebook uses weird code for links and stuff.  And that my be true, but Firefox doesn’t seem to have this problem.

The other thing that I usually see with Chrome is it is a memory hog, much worse than Firefox ever was.  Particularly if left open for a long time, it becomes really sluggish until shut down and restarted.

Basically I can say that Chrome is really fast (at least when it hasn’t been open for a long time) and I like the look of it.  And Firefox may be slower and no longer being on the vanguard of browser design, but it works.  Perhaps I am just getting old and can’t get used to new things, but I don’t think that is all there is here.  Something always seems to not work in Chrome, at least the way I want it to.  Perhaps I could get used to it.  But I keep coming to the conclusion that there is no need to, even if I feel like I want to be out there on the edge, Firefox does the job I want it to do so I am sticking with it for now.

I’ll keep trying Chrome.  I always do with new tech.  But until I can use it without issues like these I’ll always come back to Firefox.


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