Computer woes

We had a laptop die this week. That is always a sad day. A couple summers ago, when we were in the States for our biennial (I had to look that up because I originally wrote biannual, which means twice a year.  Biennial means every other year.) trip to see family and friends, we had bought a nice ASUS dual core laptop that eventually became my wife’s. I have a decent desktop that runs Ubuntu and had bought a cheap single core Toshiba that was my portable web surfer for the most part. She does a lot of photo processing and liked the speed of the nice laptop.

Anyway, it stopped charging and wouldn’t run on electricity either.  Took it to a local home business guy and a couple days later he tells me that it’s the motherboard.  Electricity comes in the computer, hits the motherboard but doesn’t go any further than that.  Not worth fixing.

We were distraught, because the last couple of weeks of sharing one laptop was a pain in the ass, especially when you have two computer savvy kids who don’t have their own machines. So the same day we rearranged some bills, cleared the board of stuff to purchase and found enough cash to buy another cheap Toshiba. This one is actually not quite as nice in some ways as the other one.  Only two USB ports for one, which is like netbook territory. But the battery life is sick for a 15.5 inch screen laptop (5 hours at light use). And I am getting my first look at Windows 7, which is rather pleasant. It’s like they took everything people bitched about Vista and fixed it.

It’ll do, since mostly what it will get used for is internet and online games.


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