Over at cleek’s place I normally participate in the random 10 on Monday’s, listing 10 random songs on shuffle from your player or computer.  Last time, we did a random 5 but we had to write something about each song.

Brilliant idea!  And one I want to do much more of.  So right here, right now (Jesus Jones!) I want to start occasionally doing a random one or two, with something written about them.

First up, and I swear this was random, is Blue Monday from New Order.

This song…I own this on 12″ vinyl, the sleeve looking like a big 5 1/4 inch floppy.  At one point in the 80’s I thought this was the perfect song, the perfect combination of everything I liked about music at the time: the dancy beat, that bass, the synths, all done in a non-soul or disco way but something totally different.  I remember my dad’s second wedding, when I had to basically beg the DJ to play this song to a room full of middle aged people and I was probably the only one who enjoyed it.

Amazingly, I never get tired of hearing this song.  A true classic.



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