Latest Chrome test

As I do, I tried out Google Chrome again.  I do this from time to time to see if I have the same problems and irritations with it that I have had before.  This time I wondered if it worked any better now that I have a nice new laptop with the first copy of Windows 7 that I have had the pleasure to use (speaking of that, Win 7 is everything Vista should have been.  They took everything that irritated me about Vista and fixed it.)

And some of the problems are gone.  The clicking things many times, particularly in Facebook, seems to be fixed.  One other thing that used to bother me was that it need to load the whole page before I started scrolling and there seemed to be a hesitation every time I opened a new page, unlike Firefox.  That seemed better as well.  All in all, very fast and seems to work well…

Until…I am doing loads of tagging of mp3 files lately (I have around 3,000 80’s songs that I tagged a year ago but forgot to copy over to the main storage and deleted them from the old laptop.  Doh!).  I use MediaMonkey for this, which is the best media catalog system I have ever used.  In Firefox, I can just search for album art (you can do this automatically in MediaMonkey but it is difficult when you are only doing one track, or something that exists only on a single) and drag the image right from Firefox onto MediaMonkey and it saves it to the tag.  This is something you cannot do from Google Chrome.  You can drag the image to the desktop, or to a file folder and it saves it, but not to other applications.  You have to copy and then paste which wouldn’t be a big deal but it won’t paste into multiple files either so I have to do them one by one.  This is just not acceptable.

So yet again, I find a reason to stick with Firefox over the admittedly faster and sleeker Chrome.


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