Random: Love Removal Machine by The Cult

I just looked this up and Love Removal Machine by The Cult was released in 1987, the year I graduated from high school.  I would not have thought that as I don’t associate this song with high school at all.  She Sells Sanctuary, arguable their best ever song, I do associate with high school.

This was really the first step The Cult took on their way to sounding exactly like AC/DC (with a slightly different singer of course.)  It’s a decent enough song, but it does have that same beat and guitar riff style that AC/DC has perfected, so not sure why this exists when you could just listen to the real thing.  In fact, the first suggested song on Youtube when I found this was an AC/DC song, so even Youtube agrees with me.  Frankly, I don’t listen to much of The Cult after this song as it all started to sound the same.  And in fact, since I probably won’t revisit The Cult again here, I am just going to post the totally awesome She Sells Sanctuary.  Turn it up!


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