How Soon Is Now

Another random song, though this time not so random:

I put the Best of the Smiths on in the car as I was driving my wife and a friend of ours into the city for a birthday party. I did that because what I had in the car was a little weird for everyone (Coil) and our friend is the hugest Smiths fan ever.

I never listened to The Smiths in the 80’s, when they were popular.  Well, they weren’t really that popular in the States anyway but I was much too much of a punk/industrial/goth kid to like jangly guitars and Morrissey’s emo crooning (Morrissey was emo before there was emo).  But then I moved to Los Angeles and the local alternative station, the World Famous KROQ, played the living hell out of the Smiths so I think I started to like them just because they were always on.

But I learned to really appreciate them.  Not only one of the best rhythm guitarists anywhere, anywhen.  But Morrissey, for all his pomp and arrogance, for all his condescension and intellectual airs, is a genius.  When listened to closely, actually not that closely, it is a genius construction of lyrics that makes it difficult to tell if he is seriously that emo or taking the piss, as my British friends would say.  I lean towards about 25% serious and 75% taking the piss.

My all time favorite song by them is The Queen is Dead, because it is a fast one and the bass just rocks.  This song here, How Soon Is Now?, is of course a flashback staple that went approximately nowhere in the States but was their best known song.  And for good reason as it is a cracker (a term I keep hearing as I watch the Australian version of Masterchef).

Taking the piss and cracker.  I think I may be turning British.


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