The Residents Wonder of Weird

wonder of weird
On April 30 I went to see The Residents Wonder of Weird 40th Anniversary show here in Bergen, Norway. It was incredible and here is how it went down.

We got there about 10 minutes earlier than they said the doors would open and there were a handful of people there already, including a couple who had the black top hat eyeball t-shirt that I also own. I was sporting my neon orange Cube E tour shirt that I obtained when I saw them in Minneapolis in…’89? The guy in the t-shirt pointed at me and said, “that’s an old shirt!”

When they opened the door we were led into an entryway where you could purchase drinks and Residents stuff, CD’s, shirts and whatnot. After a glance at that stuff we headed through the doors to the hall, which was a small stage and about 200 chairs (we counted). We headed to the front row and sat down right in the middle. No one else was around and we sat there listening to the sound guys play music (instrumental Residents music I assume. Sounded like them but it was newer so am not sure what it was). They even walked by and said hi. After about 20 minutes we wondered where the hell everyone else was and assumed they were drinking or whatever. Then the sound guy says to us that he is now opening the doors! We basically snuck in and got seats before everyone else!

The Stage From Our Seatsresidents concert

The concert itself was unlike some of their tours. It was very much scaled down, with less theatrics and more of just the now three Residents on stage going through the songs. And the song selection was interesting in that they didn’t choose their “hits” but rather some obscure selections, including at least one that was barely even released.

The singer “Randy” with guitarist “Bob”
residents concert

“Chuck” on keyboards/laptopresidents concert

They singer, Randy, was wearing a santa suit and old man mask and had a series of t-shirt fronts that he would talk about in relation to the songs they were playing. He had Snakefinger on one shirt and they played two songs from him. They played two off the Commercial album. Lots of obscurities.

Randy raises the eyeball tree
residents concert

There was a story line about their career and about Randy himself and his forays into porn, his eleven marraiges and sexual addiction (even involving him brandishing an enormous dildo) and his cat, Maurice, which is apparently his only true friend.
residents concert
residents concert

They closed with March to the Sea from the Mole show and then an encore of Santa Dog and Mahogany Wood, one of my all time favorites. All in all a fantastic two hours. And in the process I converted my friend Bjørn into a Residents fan.

My Friend Bjørn captured this slightly unflattering photo of yours truly after the show.


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